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Sometimes #BlackTwitter gets it right, and other times Black twitter gets it really right

I was down for Pharrell, but he is in sore need of a thorough dragging to rid him of his White-gaze thirst and tacit respectability politics BS. I mean, what’s next, an “Accidental Racist” duet with LL?

Honorable mention to @LouMinoti:


Pharrell needs to come out and clarify this shit before everyone forgets him….Money corrupts some, for real……

Pharrell is a dummy for this shit.

Kill Shot = “if you can’t beat em, serve em”

where is the Tyra gif. “We were rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!”

This seems to happen to a lot of dudes who date non black women. All the sudden they talking about how race and color don’t matter and that all the other black people in the world are old hat for having the nerve to say that racism still exists and white supremacy runs the world. LIke dude I was raised was birthed by a white mother and adopted into a white family it did not make me white or some sort of magical black person. Why these dudes act like some white pussy will end racism?

Agreed, but Pharrell actually dates mixed raced/black women (Kelis, Vashtie, etc). I’ve never heard of him with a white chick.

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